Adamson Police Products Training Facility

Adamson Police Products has developed a training site, allowing agencies to provide training to their staff in a controlled environment. Training options available are: Breeching, room entry, room clearing, multiple room searching. Target identification and lethal force / non-lethal force encounters using Simunition (NLTA) weapons and ammunition, Airsoft weapons systems; K-9 training (multiple room search).

There is a classroom with a capacity of 25 students, audio visual (Apple / Apple TV or PC). Agencies renting the NLTA training facility are REQUIRED to have a certified safety officer on site to ensure all NLTA protocol is followed. Safety officers are available for a fee if needed. (If a safety officer is needed, a minimum of 1 week notice is required).

NLTA weapons available for rent:

•Glock 22 with weapons mounted TLR-1 or Surefire X300
•Sig Sauer P226 with weapons mounted TLR-1 or Surefire X300
•AR-15 rifles with TLR1-HLP

** All NLTA weapons are made using Simunition conversion kits. Handguns and rifles fire 9mm NLTA ammunition.

NLTA Simunition ammunition is available for purchase on site. (See Fee schedule for current prices.

Note: Each participant must wear Simunition protective gear to include full face cover while engaged in NLTA training. All safety personnel must also wear full NLTA safety protective gear during active training sessions.

After training, a video of the complete training can/will be made available on thumb drive.
** Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA)**

Adamson Police Products
Training Facility

Training Venue Duration Fee
Classroom with Audio Visual Equipment 4 hours $ 175.00
8 hours $ 250.00
NLTA Training House 4 hours $ 400.00
(Includes use of classroom) 8 hours $ 600.00
EQUIPMENT Sig Sauer 226 / Glock 22 / AR-15 $ 150.00
(NLTA conversion kits)
Simunition Ammunition (9mm) $ 12.75 per box of 50 rounds
All airsoft equipment to include weapon, ammunition and gas, must be supplied by agency renting facility. All airsoft equipment will be inspected by Adamson Police Products prior to training. NLTA weapons owned by agencies and being used for training SHALL be inspected by Adamson Personnel prior to use in the training facility


1. Proof of insurance is required prior to training date
2. Reservations should be made as early as possible before the desired date(s).
3. Public and private agencies that desire to use the training facilities for training or special events must enter into a formal written agreement with Adamson Police Products. For details regarding the Facility Use Agreement, contact Mike DeGiovanni.
4. LE agencies will be billed for training after actual use of the facilities. Private entities will be required to provide payment prior to the use of the facilities.

Reservation Contact information:

Mike DeGiovanni
925-391-4307 (Call or text)